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NASAA Certified for Organic Produce

Producing High Quality Organic Lamb
At Gelfro Farm we strive to produce the most tender, best tasting certified organic lamb possible.

We raise Border Leister / Prolific X Merino lambs.  They are grass fed and finished lambs without any hormones or antibiotics.  Our lambs grow quickly on their mother's milk.  We work hard to ensure the lambs have low stress, high quality lives which ensures you get a very tender lamb on your table.

We take pride in the careful managment of our flock and our land.  Being organic means we use no chemicals, pesticides or herbicides.  We practice non-lethal predator control with our sheep guardian alpacas Nessy and Kelly.

Gelfro's 600 acres is in the region of WA known as the Great Southern.  Surrounded by 3000 acres of the Dryandra National Forest, we are nestled in a safe and secluded environment for organic crops and livestock to flourish. 

How Much?

Lambs are cut and cryovac packed on trays and frozen for your convenience.
They can be purchased by the box:
  • Half lamb
  • Full lamb
​The average dressed lamb weight is 20kg to 22kg
Retail price:  $15 per kilo
Wholesale price:  please contact us with your requirements

We will deliver to the Perth metropolitan area at no extra charge
What You Get    
Whole Lamb Pack
(vacuum packed in small packs & frozen)

  • 2 legs of lamb - the ultimate roast
  • 8 chump chops - dinner or BBQ
  • 18 loin chops - very tender
  • 2 racks of lamb - 7 bones each = 14 cutlets total - paradise on a bone
  • 8 forequarter chops - grill, BBQ or stew
  • pack of lamb riblettes - very tasty for BBQ
  • liver
  • pack of bits & pieces - stir fries, curries, stews
  • pack of dog bones

Frozen organic lamb will keep for up to 12 months
Once defrosted it will keep for approx 2 weeks in your refrigerator.
Half Lamb Pack is simply half the whole lamb order by splitting the multiple sections (eg legs)
Ordering your organic lamb
As Gelfro is a working farm, please call early morning or evenings: ​08 9884 5245
Or email: [email protected]
We are happy to discuss your requirements of our delicious lamb
  1. Honey
    We have our own bee hives and our bees produce excellent, tasty honey from the flowers of the local white gums. Honey is available for sale when in season.
  2. Oats
    Gelfro produces some of the best organic oats in the the South West. Our oats are mainly used in the making of oatmeal for breakfast cereals.
Now that you have your organic lamb.....

Meat & Livestock Australia have a great website full of information on Australian meat and some excellent recipes to try.

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Organic Food & Farming
Read about the case for organic farming practice with reference to the environmental, economic and public health benefits.
Look at how modern industrial farming practices evolved and at the environmental and economic flaws in modern industrial farming practices.

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