All Purpose Spray Adjuvant
What is a Spray Adjuvant?
A spray adjuvant is a substance added to sprays to help improve the performance of the main ingredient.

There are many uses for APSA from agriculture, industrial, recreational to household.

  • it is non-corrosive
  • does not require safety handling equipment
  • promotes faster soil penetration
  • is biodegradable
  • helps keep your equipment clean
  • will maximize pesticide performance
  • assists in the control of dry spots on lawns

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APSA is essential for the home gardener

Use APSA to keep your garden looking like an oasis all summer in spite of the water restrictions.

Save Water & Save Money

APSA will:

  • stop run off
  • maximise water retention
  • will condition & improve your soil

Use APSA to Control Dry Spot on Racecourses & Equestrian Grounds

Applied to areas suffering from dry spot, APSA will promote even soil moisture penetration and more efficient moisture retention.

This is invaluable to ensure even growth of turf on racecourses and other grounds utilised for equestrian activites where a safe, even surface is essential.

APSA is Widely Used on Stadiums & Ovals
The perfect, cost effective solution for all stadiums and ovals to ensure a hard wearing, even surface for year round sporting use.
  • more efficient time utilisation of grounds staff
  • controls dry spot & weeds
  • saves water
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